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Friends Only Test! [
Aug. 2nd, 2006
[ mood | creative ]

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Going Sideways [
Jul. 20th, 2004
I haven't done much of anything with the webpage. I did buy "mentalward.org" as my domain name and went through TOD Hosting like I said I would. But, with all the chaos and pressure... I haven't moved forward. I am going to try to do it. Maybe designate an hour per day to my webpage and freelance work. That is the other kicker, I haven't done anything with my cousins freelance job. I fear that his concept is too complex for me to do and slightly unrealistic for him to accomplish. I will talk more about it later.
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Aiming [
Jun. 29th, 2004

I think I have aimed to high with my goals overall. I am trying to learn all these things with only a few hours a day to spare. It's just not possible right now. I am doing too much with such little time, and to complicate things more I am moving.

So, I guess my true goal is to finish reading my CSS book and my logo. Though, I ran into a bit of a road block with things because of server space. BJ is great but I don't have enough space in order to do all my work and then some. I am looking into getting space from other places and I found an excellent one which, unlike BJ, would provide SSI.

Here are my choices for domain names:

  • mental-ward.net
  • catharticchaos.com
  • ungoddess.com
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Slacker [
Jun. 22nd, 2004
Ok, I have REALLY slacked off.. My mind hasn't been all together with it. I have become busy with other little projects and one really big project. I am going to try to get the logos done tonight, if my sister doesn't go into labor afterall.

The CSS is worked out for the generic stuff. I just need to type it up. Maybe if I have type at work, I will do it.

I'll let you know. I'm disappointed in myself but I have read more of my book. Wish me luck!
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Psuedo-Slacking [
Jun. 20th, 2004
I didn't get much more progress on the logo. I did redo it with some of the advice I got from people, but the logo text just isn't working out how I wish. So, tomorrow I am going to spend time gathering more fonts (to the additional 300 I have). I really need to learn how to make fonts so that I can make my own since I have so many by never able to find one that totally suits my needs.

Everything should be done tomorrow. Though techinically before the week deadline, but that's because I want the deadline to be on Sunday.

I'll post the different versions of the logo on Sunday...
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Layout Design [
Jun. 17th, 2004
[ mood | exhausted ]

Ok, I have done much more reading. It just seems that my eyelids are lead these last few days, but I have taken the time to do some researching and planning for my logo in my head and some in Adobe Photoshop. I am still working on the text for the words "Cathartic Chaos" which is how I have deemed myself for the last few years and have lovingly referred to my tattoo as being summed up as.

Logo Goal

The logo started with the concept of my eye close up so I took a few pictures of my eye in order to get the look I wanted. I took the image and converted it to black and whire then removed my face for the most part with a fade to gray. Then I found this wonderful program called ASC Gen which converts regular images into ascii. It's a lovely program with multiple functions such as text document, bmp, and webpage options. After manipulating the images in photoshop with some color layers, burning, and contrasting... I found two images I like the most: blackened and a whitened ascii overlay. I am playing with the various fonts I have on my computer to create the logo's text, "Cathartic Chaos" which I have something temporary on the layout page now. I want the two words to contrast in fonts. Something elegant and fancy for the cathartic and something rough and distorted for the chaos part. Hopefully by Sat. this will be done.

Layout Goal

The layout image is uploaded and I have a vague idea of how to do it with using the "div" tag in CSS/HTML. I think the layout will be easy to implement with the CSS. It is a simple boxy layout. There is a rounded rectangle boarder in a shade of blue that is found in the logo, which will contain the information and images. At the top of there is the logo, and immediate under the logo will be my menu for the webpage which will be in plain text. I am uncertain if I can get the date to appear just because the BJ server doesn't handle SSI (Server Side Includes). In the middle is a light grey box with the main text for the webpage, and at the very buttom is the copyright box (copyright stuff, contact, address, etc).

I am going to keep it simple with shades of grey and blue. I think it makes a bold and elegant statement. Let me know.

CSS Goal

I haven't gotten to coding my CSS basics like the p, h, body, and a tags. But that should be fairly easy to do within a few minutes. I know I am going to use the arial font family in about 10pt size in black. Most likely minor spacing for the body. The a tags will have the default underline for the links, but also a overline. I love that affect! The color scheme for the links will be simple to... most likely bright blue for links, red for hover, and purple for visiting (normal defaults).

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Relearning.. [
Jun. 15th, 2004
[ mood | cranky ]

"The <table> tag was a great addition to the HTML language, especially useful for displaying scientific results data, but it quickly became an innocent victim in a nefarious plot to twist the usage of the HTML language, resulting in the dot com collapse of the year 2000, and the loss of thousands of web-related jobs. Well, not really... However, web authors did see something in the <table> tag that it was not intended for: a <table> could be used to create multiple column web page layouts." 

My first book to read is Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content from Presentation, which the quote above is from. I read the first 2 chapters yesterday and when I read they history of the webpage and how the tags were created, I realized that I was a bad coder (according to their terms). I have been using tables for layouts for years and I agree with them that it is ugly and complex code that ends up looking nice but hard to manage. The book has pointed out so interesting facts about HTML vs HTML with CSS. A simple 2 column and 4 row table with font, paragraph, etc. tags can be about 2000+ lines of code but with simple CSS you can create the page with only 900.

CSS is the proper and more effiecent way to formate webpages. CSS allows for you to set a standard appearance to the webpage's text, backgrounds, layout, and more, which is implemented in every page by calling the file. If you wish to make modifications to the website such as changing the color of links, you just have to modify the CSS file not all the pages.

Goals for this week:

  • Create a layout design for my webpage
  • Finish the banner for the page
  • Create a generic and simple CSS template
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Here Goes Nothing.. [
Jun. 14th, 2004
[ mood | chipper ]

So, I have decided to start a new journal in order to track my growth as a designer considering I have come to the conclusion that my education has become deprecated. The stuff I learned from my school wouldn't qualify me for a true designer, so I have decided to teach myself more technology on top of what I already taught myself. Thus.. becoming the deprecated_diva .

This is what I am hoping to accomplish:

  1. Set a goal every week whether it's an image, page, techinque/skill, or anything.
  2. Post my progressive
  3. Post my tools used to learn or create anything from that week and critic it according to it's usefulness and more.
  4. To build up my resume. ;o)

The things I hope to learn:

  • Web Layout without tables
  • CSS coding
  • Flash
  • PHP/Perl scripting
  • Anything else I wish. ;o)

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