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Here Goes Nothing..

So, I have decided to start a new journal in order to track my growth as a designer considering I have come to the conclusion that my education has become deprecated. The stuff I learned from my school wouldn't qualify me for a true designer, so I have decided to teach myself more technology on top of what I already taught myself. Thus.. becoming the deprecated_diva .

This is what I am hoping to accomplish:

  1. Set a goal every week whether it's an image, page, techinque/skill, or anything.
  2. Post my progressive
  3. Post my tools used to learn or create anything from that week and critic it according to it's usefulness and more.
  4. To build up my resume. ;o)

The things I hope to learn:

  • Web Layout without tables
  • CSS coding
  • Flash
  • PHP/Perl scripting
  • Anything else I wish. ;o)

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