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Deprecated Diva

I'm Not Dead Yet!

20 November 1981
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I am a deprecated diva. What does that mean?

Deprecated - 1) To express disapproval of; deplore. 2) To belittle; depreciate.
Diva - Female Singer (or in my case, a female web designer)

Why am I a deprecated diva? Well, after recently graduating from college I have found my education has become obsolete, or deprecated if you wish. As a recent graduate looking to use her alledged skills and education in order to find a job within her degree, I have found that education doesn't stop with a diploma. Therefore, I have decided to quench my thrist for knowledge by becoming my own teacher (like I did for most of my college career) and I will track my progress in this journal with the help of books, communities, and friends.. Watch the progress. ;o)

Jilted.. Yes.
Stagnet.. Maybe.
Deprecated.. Not yet.

Welcome to the chaos.